George Mavrigiannakis

(C.M.T / N.P / T.C.H)



(Pain Relief Specialist)

Traditional Chinese Healing since 1992




Certifications and Recognitions


Acupressure Massage Therapy - (Meridian Therapy Services in 1992)


Chinese Herbal Supplements - (Institute of Chinese Herbology in 1992)


Natural Healing - (Institute of Natural Health Consultant in 1993)


Alternative Studies - (International Academy Edith Serei in 1997)



Member Qualification of Associations


Massotherapist - (Association of Massotherapy of Professionals in Quebec)


 Naturopath - (Canadian Association of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists)


Advance Skills


Chinese Energetic Healing -  Chen Style (Tai Chi) & Chi Gong Therapy


 Volunteered his services and work with a Master of Traditional Chinese Healing,

as he received advance skills at the Vietnamese Social Association.

 (Huyen Khong Socio-Culture Buddhist Centre) in 1998.





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