Swedish massage therapy aim is to relax the entire body.


This is achieved by rubbing the muscles with different types of long gliding

strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.


 Swedish massage therapy can go beyond relaxation response.


 Swedish massage is beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood,

decreasing trapped muscle toxins, improving circulation, flexibility and relief of tension.


 Swedish massage techniques consists of circular pressure applied by the hands

and palms, firm kneading, effleurage, percussion, tapping, bending and stretching.


 Before and during your Swedish massage therapy, communication is important with

the massage therapist so that your massage therapy is scheduled to your specific needs.


 Before the massage therapy, the massage therapist should ask you about any injuries

 that you may have or other conditions that the therapist should know about.


 Information you would want tell your therapist are areas of tightness, pain, allergies,

and other imperative conditions .You can notify the massage therapist

 if you have a preference for light or firm pressure.


 After the consultation, the massage therapist instructs you how to lie on the table,

face up or face down, and underneath the sheet or towel -- and then leaves the room.

He or she will knock or ask if you are ready before entering.


 During a Swedish massage you are partially nude underneath a towel or sheet.


The therapist uncovers only the part of the body he/she is working on.


If the pressure is too light or too firm, you can ask your massage therapist to adjust it.






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