Energy Analysis System


This unique system is based on the Ryodoraku theory

which was invented in Japan and had been used

for more than 50 years.


 It guides you in measuring 24 acupuncture points on the

hands and feet and automatically inputs the 24 energy

values into the computer.


  The system instantly gives you information, including

a 12 energy channel "meridian "chart, body energy index,

comparison, and condition ratios.


 The analysis indicates imbalance (deficiency or excess)

of energy channels  "meridians" due to blockages.


 In addition, the energy analysis system is a powerful tool

to help you understand and monitor your progress.


 After different types of massage therapy, Chinese herbal supplements, cupping therapy and Infrared mineral heat,

the person’s energy number goes up and energetic

imbalance of channels decreased.


After several therapy, not only energy channels will

get more balanced but also the person will feel

more energy and less pain.


 The great advantage of the Energy Analysis System is

reporting the process of improvement from each therapy.






Before Therapy


After Therapy

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